Tuple offers technology-orientated consultation services aimed at assisting our clients with:

  • Technology Evaluation and Selection, including Research, Trade-off Analysis, and Proof of Concept Implementation
  • Software Infrastructure Configuration and Usage
  • Technology-orientated Software Quality Assurance
  • Verification of conformance to Architectural 'Blue Prints'

These services compliment the vendor and technology-neutral consulting offered by our partner Solms. Solms offers consulting services focusing on:

  • Software Architecture Design
  • Software Architecture and Design Analysis and Recovery
  • Software Development Process Improvement
  • Model-driven Development (MDD)
  • Expert witness for Software-related Legal Disputes
  • Software-related Due diligence Analysis for Corporate Acquisitions
  • Independent Representative on Software Architecture Boards and Forums

Figtory, our digital design partner, offers consulting relating to:

  • Animation and Visual Effects.
  • Infographics and Data Visualisation
  • Graphic Design and Corporate Identity
  • Web-based, Mobile and Desktop Application Aesthetics
  • User Interface Usability Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy