We believe that following up training with a sustained employee mentoring service, not only assists the individual, but directly benefits their employer. After having attended training courses, many employees find it difficult to apply the knowledge and skills they are exposed to, within the working environment.

Tuple provides technology-orientated mentoring and coaching services relating to:

  • Software Infrastructure (JEE standard-based Application Servers, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) and Service Provisioning and Monitoring Environments)
  • Software Testing, Construction, and Deployment frameworks and tools
  • Model-driven Engineering and Domain-Specific Language (DSL) tool support
  • Semantic Modelling, and Data Persistence solutions

Solms, our vendor and technology-independent partner provides mentoring services around:

  • Software Architecture Design and Improvement
  • Requirements Management and Technology Neutral Analysis and Design
  • Software Development and Testing

Digital design mentorship is Figtory's domain of expertise and includes:

  • Animation and Visual Effects
  • Social Media Strategy