Tuple is a South Africa based company that provides software technology-orientated consulting, training and mentoring, and development services.

We specialise in helping organisations realise their investment in technology by:

  • Providing unbiased consultation during the technology evaluation and implementation process.
  • Training staff to effectively use the technology stacks at their disposal.
  • Mentoring and coaching staff to ensure that skills and techniques are consistently applied.
  • Directly participating in software design and development activities.

We form part of a family of companies that share ethical values, and offer a complementary and holistic set of services.

  • Solms focuses on the provision of vendor and platform-independent consulting and training services.
  • Figtory, our digital design partner, handles all things creative, specialising in digital media and technology.
  • The SESAr research group at the University of Pretoria closes the loop, by encouraging collaboration between academia and industry.